Sunday, 21 January 2018

Thoughts on The Prisoner

Looking into my past before The Prisoner, I see some relevance and get an idea what it was that McGoohan recognised. What Lindsey took to is another matter entirely. What Lindsey saw in McGoohan was not a lot. What McGoohan anticipated but couldn't find in Lindsay is something else.
Being involved with such monumental figures is an ongoing reflection. Both were aggressive, volatile and of high moral value. I wrote a book geared in a vein trying to understand both parties but never had much of a chance.

Now I might try again, hoping for a more gratifying analysis.

In my last year at school I didn't lead, not did I follow, but somehow I was a seminal figure in rioting. School was closed down. The windows were replaced and doors put back on their hinges. Everything was brushed under the carpet. We were at the school Cecil John Rhodes founded - the man who aspired to painting Africa pink from Cape to Cairo.

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