Saturday, 10 September 2016

Humour, Comedy & Laughter - obscenities, paradoxes, insights & the renewal of life

Recently published by Berghahn Books, Oxford.

My chapter, number 4, is titled Comic Strips and the Making of the American Identity. A journey of race and gender prejudice in the culture of comics.

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  1. Hello Ian

    A while ago I had a discussion with you about the origins of some of the story of Living In Harmony coming from several different comic books such as Kid Colt or Two Gun Kid and of course Gene Autry's 'Guns Of Chance' story from Gene Autry Comic #70.

    At the time I pointed out to you that the name of the town that Autry rode into was called 'Harmony' in the opening narrative of 'Guns Of Chance'. In looking into this recently I noticed that you commented in a book titled..

    Anxiety Muted: American Film Music in a Suburban Age edited by Stanley C. Pelkey, Anthony Bushard

    ...about how the town name of Harmony came from 'Guns of Chance'...what I thought you might find of further interest is that the name 'Harmony' was a bit of product placement as the name of the company that made Gene Autry's famous guitar was the Harmony Guitar Company owned by Sears and Roebuck..the famous department store chain.

    The Very Best To You


    PS Below are some links to Gene Autry Comic cover #70, his Harmony Guitar and Autry himself.